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Our core expertise involves

Certification Services

A maritime entity providing flagging and crew endorsement services under various well-recognized flags such as Honduras, Belize, Panama & St. Vincent and others..

We aim to offer our clients a wide range of services
 A cost-effective and timely service
Facilities of all kinds of Maritime Activities

and above all efficient follow-up according to today's demanding market.


Maritime Blogs

Dive into a sea of knowledge as we explore the deep blue oceans, ships, ports, and everything in between. Whether you're a seasoned sailor, a maritime enthusiast, or simply curious about the vast maritime industry

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Ship Registrations

Our ability to provide sophisticated, top-notch solutions to our international clientele is made possible by the expanding relationships we have with numerous Reputable Maritime Administrations in the Industry.

Crew Licensing

In accordance with the STCW 2010 convention, we provide officers with the opportunity to upgrade, renew, or obtain endorsement on their competencies and maritime training courses in the following maritime administrations: Honduras, Panama, Belize, Palau, Indonesia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Liberia.


We are ready and organized to manage vessels from one seaman to full complement, providing the best of our services. New applicants are interviewed and vetted by our experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers and upon satisfactory approval he will qualify to be proposed to our Clients according to their requirements.

Maritime Consultancy

Our professional team will guide you through the procedures in registering your vessel while taking the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand all the details.

STCW 2010 Courses

With our great connections with registered and authentic maritime colleges we may assist you in obtaining Basic or Advanced STCW courses as per STCW 2010 through legal procedures.

Vessel Inspection

Our services; trust, impartiality, independence within the framework of principles, using its technological capabilities and knowledge of the day, especially in all the world, our customers’ expectations, within the framework of international standards and the needs of the market; to present on time and accurately with the awareness of teamwork.

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