With more than 3200 ships totaling more than 100 million gross tons, the Liberian Registry is the second biggest in the world and accounts for 10% of the global fleet of oceangoing vessels.

Please email the documents to our office for examination at info@sealicensing.com in order to help you with the issuing of a new Liberia COC, a renewal, or an upgrade of rank of competence.

The document review procedure consists of two stages: in the first, our office staff will conduct the initial review, and the Liberian government will conduct the second.

Step 1 – Documents Review

In order to proceed with evaluation for issuance of COC please send us the scan copies in pdf format by email (each required document separately scanned):

  1. Filled up application form – APPLICATION FORM
  2. Digital copy previous of all Officer CoCs
  3. Digital copy of all STCW Training Courses Certificates – LIST OF REQUIRED STCW COURSES
  4. Digital copy of all previous Endorsements
  5. Digital copy of all Sea Services Records / Sea Service Letters
  6. Digital copy of valid Medical Certificate
  7. Digital copy of valid Passport
  8. Digital ID Photo (in color with white background in size 1.75″ x 1.75″ /45 mm x 45 mm.)

In case your documents are approved by the Administration, we will prepare you the quotation with the related costs for the Examination process.

Step 2 – Examination

here is a written exam and practical exam.

We will assist you in training and examination program.

Written Exam

LISCR Examination Platform: https://seafarerexam.liscr.com/

We will give you a password and key to enter the platform.

Practical Exam

The assessor from the Liberia-approved training center will coordinate the exam with you in accordance with the available timetable.

For each Exam Part, a minimum score of up to 70% is required (Platform Exam).

Each portion of the exam may be taken up to five times during the allotted three months, with the highest score being taken into consideration.

Step 3 – Application for Officer CoC

We will begin the procedure to request the Liberian Officer Certificates of Competency once you have approved all of the examinations.

For more information please contact our office at: info@sealicensing.com