Issuance of Honduras Marine License (COC) and Upgrade of rank of competence

Based on seafarer documentation and sea service experience, assessments for the rank and upgrade of the rank of competence are examined and accepted. The administration will confirm that the seaman’s book and certificate of competency (COC) have been issued after reviewing the submitted documents, the assessment process has been completed (evaluation of competence), and the necessary costs have been paid.

The Honduras Marine License (COC) is an IMO White Flag, and all paperwork are produced in accordance with IMO and STCW regulations.

Please submit us scans of the following documents so that we may move forward with the evaluation and approval process for issuing a Honduras COC..

For further information on how to submit an application for a Honduras Seaman’s Book, Certificate of Competence, or Upgrade of Rank Course, as well as applicable rates please contact our office at:

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