The STCW 78/95/2010 Convention’s regulations regarding the qualifications of officers and seamen apply to Panamanian ships.

The nationality of the master, officers, and crew working on Panamanian ships is not subject to any limitations.

The Panama Maritime Authority will issue you a Title Endorsement with the same capability, function, level, limitation, and duration of the license attached to the Panama Endorsement application through its consulates and authorized offices.

The Panama Maritime Authority will issue a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate upon the admission of a ship onto the Panamanian Register. All Panamanian merchant ships of 500 gross tons or more shall carry a valid Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.


Our office is in a position to provide you with a range of excellent services in the shortest amount of time because we have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the actual maritime industry, particularly the issues you might run into with applications and the time it takes for the Panamanian crew licenses to be issued by the Panamanian registry.

Our typical turnaround time is one working day, so you can have your temporary certificate (CT) for the following day, or the same day if necessary. The Panamanian government will provide you a title endorsement that has the same level, capacity, restriction, and duration as the license that is attached to the application for a Panamanian title endorsement. According to Panamanian regulations, the national documents’ dates of issuance cannot be more than five years old, and the certifications must have been issued by a marine authority from a nation on the International Maritime Organization’s “white list” of nations.

How to apply

Scan copies of the subsequent documents :

Email copies of the aforementioned documents to the following addresses:

The Temporary Certificate (valid for three months) will be sent to you via email, scanned in color, within the same day or, in any case, no later than within two working days of receiving the copies of the documents mentioned above. Original temporary licenses and permanent licenses, if issued, will be forwarded to the specified address you provided by courier or certified mail, as appropriate or expedient.

Please ask for instructions for the issuance of a title endorsement or get in touch with our office for further information on costs and how to apply for Panama maritime licenses.